Through our contacts and knowledge, we have professionally developed and expanded our plant.

Green Medi Group AG creates raw materials (hemp). With the best quality we are specialized in the pharmaceutical industry.

All our products are made from EU certified flowers - 100% natural and without the addition of pesticides.



Through the collected contacts, years of experience and inquiries, own CBD plants are built and own products are manufactured. The construction of own CBD plants abroad is also examined. From the beginning, the business is built and operated professionally, in compliance with the law. The team is highly professional and has an enormous network. The whole business activity is accompanied by specialists - also legally.

CBD Raw Material
Green Medi Group AG specializes in the production and wholesale of CDB hemp as a raw material for manufacturers of CBD products and for the pharmaceutical industry. Green Medi Group AG produces CBD hemp as raw material under ideal conditions indoor with sodium vapor lamps (without sunlight) in best quality. Through professional employees with many years of experience in the CBD field, through modern facilities and the latest grow and harvest methods and through established partners (e.g. cutting suppliers), the Green Medi Group can deliver high and consistent quality and position itself in the market.

CBD Products
All our CBD products are made from hand-picked, EU-certified industrial hemp flowers using various extraction methods. This guarantees a THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol) content of less than 1.0% or 0.2% - depending on the country.

All our products are 100% natural and without the addition of pesticides, herbicides and all chemical fertilizers. Hemp plants are carefully selected, grown with love and harvested with the utmost care and supervision. Cannabis plants are grown and selected in a natural way, so their CBD content is different from regular cannabis from the start and ultimately makes the products so unique.

All of our CBD products (CBD flowers, CBD extracts, CBD oils, etc.) are laboratory tested. We test for CBD content, other cannabinoids, bacteria, contaminants, fungi and mold to guarantee the purity and quality of Green Medi Group AG.